NEW Adaptor Broadcloth Gingham Shirts - NOW IN!

NEW Adaptor Broadcloth Gingham Shirts - NOW IN!
So, last night we dropped a sneak peek at our new Gingham Shirts on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, with the tag line 'The Shirts that Brutus and Ben Sherman SHOULD be making!!' - the post went (and continues to go) nuts!

So we've made a special effort to get these shirts up on the site ASAP and we are very pleased to announce that these Ginghams are NOW available in both Red & Navy in both Long and Short Sleeve styles.

...And as the post suggested, we thought it about time someone brought back the classic 1/2" gingham shirts. Okay, so our Gingham is actually 3/8ths of inch (1cm), but this is a fantastic fabric AND it comes in a variety of colours - for now, we're kicking things off with the two classic colours - Red & Navy - really in an effort gauge the demand for such a thing. We don't think anyone in the office was expecting the sort of reaction we got on Social media last night!

Much like our BEST SELLING Oxfords, the real selling point of these shirts is the STUNNING material that they are made from! A high quality, yet light weight Broadcloth. Again, we have struck gold with this Mill and we will continue to use this exact fabric for our Ginghams for the foreseeable!

Important note regarding the fit... these shirts are cut to exactly the same size specification as our Oxford Shirts, so if you've had any of our Oxfords and love the fit, you'll know exactly what to expect from the fit of these - full details of sizing can be found the description of each shirt - click on the links below for more details.

On the sizing - we are offering the Long Sleeve versions up to XXL, while the Short Sleeve shirts will go up to 3XL. Our 3XL will fit comfortably up to a 48" chest.

These shirts have all the authentic details in place:

    - 4 Finger Button Down Collars (9.5cm to be exact).
    - Button on the Back of the Collar.
    - Proper High Stand Collar (5cm).
    - Sewn in Back (Box) Pleat with Hanger Loop.
    - 7cm Double Button Cuffs (Long Sleeve).
    - V-Notch and Buttons on Sleeve End (Short Sleeve).
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