Adaptor Clothing Mod 60's Retro 3 Button Dogtooth Suit 42R Jacket / 36R Trouser

REF: Adaptor Suit S13109PS3/290 Dogtooth 42R


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Adaptor Clothing's very own Classic Mod Style Slim Fit Two Piece Suit.

Fabric: Wool / Polyester

Jacket Features: Narrow lapels, 3 cuff buttons, 6" center vent, flap pockets, 3 inside pockets, poly lining.

Trouser Features: Slanting side pockets, one back pocket with button, half lined to the front, extension band and belt loops, 16" bottoms.

Each jacket size comes with a set waist size (6" Drop). Each is available in Short (30" leg) and Regular (32" leg) fittings. These are as follows:

36 Jacket w/ 30 Waist

38 Jacket w/ 32 Waist

40 Jacket w/ 34 Waist

42 Jacket w/ 36 Waist

44 Jacket w/ 38 Waist

46 Jacket w/ 40 Waist

48 Jacket w/ 42 Waist

50 Jacket w/ 44 Waist

If you wish to have a larger or smaller waist trouser rather than the size included with the jacket,

please contact us to specify a bespoke size (subject to availability).