Bass Weejuns Ivy League Mod 60's Leather Plain Top Tasseled Loafer Shoe Burgundy

REF: Bass Larkin Loafer Burgundy

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This is THE Classic Moc Tassel Loafer. This is the LARKIN Loafer from Bass Weejun.

Those in the know will tell you...Once you go Bass, you never go back!

All leather upper, leather outsole, lovely solid deep Burgundy

colour, Beefroll stitching, half lined leather insole and

lower tongue line means more sock on show.

These Loafers are measured in US sizes, we have however

shown the equivalent UK sizes in the drop down menu; US

sizes are one size larger than UK sizes e.g. a US 9 = UK 8

(US sizes are shown on the box). These loafers are E width

which is a 'Standard' width however these are snug so if in doubt,

order a half size larger than you would normally!